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Lemuel STOUT
    Born: 1803, Orange Co, North Carolina
    Died: ABT 1877, Henry County, Tennessee

Union with: Mary E. Capps b. 4 Dec 1792, d. BET 1861 AND 1863, m. 8 Feb 1825, Hillsbourgh, North Carolinia ( Orange Co.)


    +Mary Ann Stout (b. 19 Aug 1829, d. 18 Nov 1893)
     Jane Stout (b. 1832)
     Emiline Stout (b. 2 Aug 1832)
     Thomas Stout (b. 1833)
     Emily Stout (b. 1835)
    +Henry Frances Stout (b. 5 May 1837, d. 23 Oct 1886)
     Levi Stout (b. 1844)
     John Stout (b. 1846)
    +Sarah Catherine Stout (b. 15 Mar 1840, d. 25 Oct 1916)

 Additional notes:


Lemuel Stout was born about 1803 in N.C. He was the son of Francis and A nn Stout. Francis and Ann Stout had the following children:
Aaron, Henry, Lemuel, Levi, John Noblett, Carolyn (Drewry), Samuel.

Joyce Ford of Texas claims that Lemuel Stout was a full blooded Cherokee Indian and that Francis and Ann Stout adopted him at an early age. No where else have I been able to verify this. It seems improbable because Lemuel was the administrater of his fathers estate. It would seem more likely an Indian would not be an administrater with other brothers in the area. He also obtained a land grant of 135 acres in 1849.

Francis, Levi (my gggrandfather), John Noblett, Caroline, Samuel migrated to Weakley Co. TN about 1843. Francis and Ann Stout were Quakers and a reburied on their land grant farm about 7 miles SE of Greenfield, TN.

Lemuel Stout was already in Weakley Co. in 1840. This could be the reason other families migrated here.

The 1850 census of Weakley Co. shows the following:
Lemuel Stout age 48
Mary Polly Capps Stout age 48
Jane 18
Thomas 17
Emily 15
Henry 14
Sarah 9
Levi 6
John 4
Mary Ann Stout b.1829 married Elisha Fly Capps

1870 Troy, Obion County Tennesse, District 5 Census
Dwg. # 65
Lemi Stout age 60 Farmer
Salena age 40 KH
Tennessee age 18
Susan age 7
Thomas age 5
Salena G. age 3

Furnished by Joyce Ford-Died abt 1877 Henry Co., Tenn.

Mary Polly Capps was the dau. of Cason Capps b.prior to the revolutionary war.
Cason Capps migrated from N.C. to Nashville TN.

Sometime between 1850 and 1860 Mary Polly died. Lemuel remarried Salena A Reynolds a widow. 1860 Census shows them in Obion Co. Tn. which joins Weakley Co.

The Stout ancestry from Francis Stout (Lemuels father) is the following
Charles Stout 1742-1822 m Mary Noblett1746-1811
Peter "The Quaker" Stout 1715-1802 m 1739 w Margaret Cyfert
John Stout died 1765
Peter Stout 1654-1703 m Mary Bullen m Mary Browne
Richard Stout 1615-1705 m Penelope Van Princen 1622-1732
John Stout England m 11/13/1609

>William Rogers Capps was the brother of Mary Polly Capps. He was married to Lucy Fly a 1/4 Cherokee Indian. Elisha Capps middle name was Fly. The area in S.E. Weakley Co. borders Carroll Co. The area they lived in was called Flytown until recent years. The area just across the cou nty line in Carroll Co. is Christmasville. I own a farm in that area that has been in my family since the 1840s. William R. Capps and some of his children are buried on that farm. [Joe Stout]

The following is an excerpt from the book, "Tennessees Last Kingdom, Skul lbone, Tennessee." From "The Diary of Williamson Younger" (1817-1876)

Dec. 20, 1863, Up to this time the Confederates have foraged off me to the amount of 16 barrels of corn and bread baked for 80 men and fed on me to the number of between 75 and 100 men and horses. I have not received one cent of pay from the Confederate authorities. The horse pressed of me November 30 was sent back in about two weeks. The next day after being sent back, one Capt. Bray of Henderson County, Tenn., passed by and took the horse and left an old bay horse worth about $50. I will now put on record the conduct of six men, calling themselves Confederate soldiers. Their names as I have been able to learn them are as follows: Capt. White from about St. Joe, Mo., James Cribs, son of Rev. Cullen Cribs, Gilly Cribs, son of Widow Cribs, Brown Flippin, Giles Billew (Belew), son of Jo. Billew (Belew). These four are all of Gibson County, Tenn. Thomas Lewis of Carrol county, grandson of Annabella Dickson, a near neighbor. These six men came to my house in the night and tried to rob me of my fine gray horse Pete. They could not catch him. I out generaled them. Names of more of the desperate men are Harve Smith, son of Owen Smith of Skullbone. I have been told that there were one of two others by the names of Smith, all of Skullbone notoriety. Cal Lusk, son of Byrd Lusk, is no doubt one of the ring leaders of the gang. Old Byrd Lusks is their stopping place in this neighborhood. James Smith, John Smith, Jack Hitchcock, and Pat Mathis. Old Lem Stouts is one of their stopping places. Wils Baird, Jr., a friend and a better is of old Jim Bairds f amily.

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